What styles can I achieve with luxury vinyl flooring?

What styles can I achieve with luxury vinyl flooring?

You're only limited by your imagination when it comes to luxury vinyl (LVR) and style. You can do everything you would with genuine planks, stone, or tiles, and you can do more since it's 100% waterproof and doesn't have the typical wood/water issues! This flooring is also durable, easy to care for, and has an uncomplicated installation.

The wood-look trend

Genuine wood floors are expected to be in vogue for at least 15 years, and, by extension, wood looks also will last, especially since they can go in places where genuine wood can't, such as the bathroom. LVF follows all the trends so you can get anything you want, from gray and whitewashed floors to oak and more.

Hardwood patterns are hot right now, and this wood-look vinyl can be cut into planks of any width called luxury vinyl plank or LVP; that means you can get creative with the layout to create herringbones, chevrons, grids, offset patterns, or diagonals.

Tile and stone

The tile-sized pieces, called luxury vinyl tile or LVT, can be used with or without grout and mixed and matched to make your own unique personal style. They come in vivid colors, cool neutrals, rustic earth tones, and everything from colorful geometrics to checkerboards, florals, and more. There's something for every decor style, from contemporary to traditional and industrial chic, modern urban, and more.

Stone pieces are available in marble, granite, quartz, slate, terrazzo, and travertine. And don't feel you have to stick with only one style look in a room! One idea: Turn your bathroom into a luxurious, high-end spa look with marble-look floors and ceramic tile mimics on the wall.

Let’s get those creative juices flowing. To become inspired with luxury vinyl flooring and get a free quote, come into Floors 2 Ur Doors in Lubbock, TX, especially if you live or work in Levelland, Plainview, Amarillo, and Midland.